Frying on HOJA fryers – fully automated frying on cast-iron frying pans


 It must be tasty,- just as mother made it!

and obviously it must be healthy too!


These are the demands of the final user of their food stuff, regardless whether it is at home, as a quick snack on the go, in the canteen or in the restaurant.


Always self cooking with fresh raw materials at home became difficult in our world.


Now it is the task of the food industry to fulfil these high demands as good as possible.


Many products are produced with frying machines, contact fryers, fully automated frying lines, e.g. potato pancakes, pancakes, blini, crêpes, burgers, rissoles, steak, chicken breast, vegetables, and many other more.







  • frying on cast iron pans
    • the healthy alternative to Teflon or deep fat fryers
  • home-made look
  • home-made taste
  • natural frying flavours
  • low frying loss
  • low wear part costs


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